Jennifer Tee

Brooklyn / NY

maandag 5 maart – ISCP – International Studio & Curatorial

Jennifer Tee – Ether Plane~Material Plane

Jennifer Tee’s solo exhibition Ether Plane~Material Plane responds to current political upheaval and ensuing resistance. The exhibition incorporates sculpture, performance and installation into an immersive and interdependent environment influenced by mythology and ritual.

Two grid-like structures are designed to display a series of photographs that unite abstraction with the uncanny, alongside ceramic ‘resist’ sculptures. A Revolt chair holds numerous books of fiction, memoirs and poetry published between 1850 and 2017, which communicate stories of personal and social change from the position of resistance.

Floor pieces that cross the gallery will act as sites for intermittent reading performances throughout the duration of the exhibition. Jennifer Tee lives and works in Amsterdam. She was a year-long resident at lSCP in 2012.